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Pittsfield Building — Chicago, Illinois

This historic office building is in the heart of the Loop in Chicago at 55 East Washington Street. An architectural triumph when it was built in 1927, the Pittsfield Building is renown for its Art Deco and Gothic Revival ornamentation and beautiful, outstanding craftsmanship. Its trademark interior lobbies and soaring atrium distinguish the Pittsfield Building as a sought-after locale by savvy Windy City enterprises.

Rentable space includes 392,647 square feet, with the gross area of the building extending to approximately 515,280 square feet. Standing at 40 stories high, the Pittsfield Building is occupied up to its 38th floor.


Pittsfield Building Mailbox

The Pittsfield Building is one of Chicago's finest 1920s-era skyscrapers, built during the decade when the city's distinctive tower-pierced downtown skyline first began to take shape.  Designed by the preeminent Chicago architectural firm of Graham, Anderson, Probst & White, the Pittsfield Building reflects the influence of the city's 1923 zoning ordinance, which mandated skyscrapers with setbacks.  This 38-story professional office building exhibits the major characteristics of the firm's mature work: assurance of overall form, luxurious building materials, finely detailed Art Deco and Gothic Revival ornamentation that synthesizes traditional and "modern" decoration, and outstanding craftsmanship.

The Pittsfield Building was hailed at its completion in 1927 as an architectural triumph, and it remains virtually unchanged from that time.  Located at the southeast corner of the busy Loop intersection of Washington Street and Wabash Avenue, after over 75 years it is still home to the same type of tenants: doctors, dentists, and jewelers.

The Pittsfield Building's trademark is its interior lobbies and atrium, called "one of the loveliest ever designed by the firm" by architectural historian Sally Chappell.  Five stories high and surrounded by balconies and shop windows on all sides, the great atrium space is embellished by glowing marble, gleaming brass, and carvings in the Spanish Gothic Revival style. 

Pittsfield Building Elevator

The Pittsfield Building's proximity to the Marshall Field & Company department store and other retailers along State Street and Wabash Avenue led the building's original owner, The Estate of Marshall Field, to include a five-story atrium, richly detailed with marble and Spanish Gothic Revival ornamentation, which was intended for small shops. The atrium remains largely unaltered from its original appearance.

The building elevator lobby is richly ornamented with marble and bronze fittings, including elevator doors and mailboxes, and a coffered ceiling.


The Pittsfield Building is located on the south side of Washington Street between Wabash Avenue and Garland, with the west side of the building also fronting Wabash Avenue. Flexibility of transportation in the area is one of the building's greatest assets.  This location offers convenient access to three CTA “el” stops, the Randolph Street METRA station, and several bus routes. Also in close proximity are excellent opportunities for shopping, entertainment venues, and lakefront enjoyment. 

  • Retail Shopping
    • American Eagle
    • Traditional cigar shop
    • several jewelry shops
  • Dining
    • The Pittsfield Cafe on the first floor offers a diverse selection.
  • Conference Space
    • Tenants enjoy the use of three conference rooms for larger meetings, with a choice of locations including the fifth or thirteenth floors.

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The Pittsfield Building
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